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Good infant sleep results from a combination of positive sleep associations, a safe sleep environment and parental behavioural adjustments. Our 3-step sleep solution comes in a box and can be complemented with our evidence-based workshops and customised sleep plans to help families sleep better!

From science to parent behaviour: help your baby sleep better
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Customised step-by-step sleep plans and consulting for each family

"A simple but powerful 3-steps system to help your baby sleep longer and sounder"

- Cristina, founder and mother of two

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One Swaddle or Sleeping Bag (depending on baby’s age)

One Complimentary Bluetooth Sound Box and Access to Our Signature White Noise Frequency

"We are all better parents when everyone's had a good night's sleep!"

- Tania,  founder and mother of two

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7 Pillars of Baby Sleep

7 Pillars of Baby Sleep

“Oh, I’ve been sleeping so well lately!” – Said the mother of a 3-month old… Never! Sleep deprivation and early parenthood seem to go hand in hand, like there’s this fundamental incompatibility between babies and sleep. “My baby just doesn’t like to sleep?” “Maybe she’s hungry?” “Is it teething?” “A sleep regression, perhaps?” Sure, some babies are better sleepers than others, but ALL babies (even at...

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Swaddles & SIDS

Swaddles & SIDS

Swaddling is the age-old custom of tightly wrapping very young babies in blankets or cloths so that their forelimb movement is restricted. Parents in many different cultures have been swaddling their babies for thousands of years. And for good reason! Swaddling works wonders in calming babies and helping them sleep better! Swaddling Works. Period. If your goal is to help your baby sleep longer and...

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SIDS & Safe Sleep Guidelines

SIDS & Safe Sleep Guidelines

A super scary fact of parenthood is that sleep-related infant death remain the leading cause of death for infants under 12 months of age*. For the majority of us, getting our babies to sleep (and feed) well is probably the main focus of our parenting skills in the first months of our little ones’ lives. We are tormented not only by sleep deprivation, but also...

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