Mayubaby Sleep Plan - Mayubaby
Mayubaby Sleep Plan - Mayubaby
Mayubaby Sleep Plan - Mayubaby

Mayubaby Sleep Plan

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The Mayubaby Method is founded upon two important dimensions of sleep:

  1. Positive Sleep Associations: these are elements we introduce associate to sleep which are independent of the caretaker. Based on three universal elements to create the perfect infant sleep conditions: Comfort, Contention and Sound Masking. Check out our Sleep Box to see how we've made that super simple for you!
  2. Sleep Plan: One of the greatest factors influencing sleep is the caregivers' behaviour. Without an adequate daily structure, an age-appropriate awake and nap times and consistent responses from the caregiver, infant sleep will remain elusive. We will work with you and your family's specific circumstances to design a personalised sleep plan.

"And then what? You'll give me a bunch of techniques and just leave me to implement them alone?"

No! Of course not!!! We will support you all the way to sleep success! For 30 days, you will have 1-on-1 direct access to one of our sleep experts, whom will stand daily by your side to troubleshoot and tweak small details that can make all the difference! 

Join us in our journey to help families sleep better!