Dressing Baby to Sleep

Adequate sleeping temperature is a fundamental concern for parents of young children. Making sure you baby is comfy yet not too hot is important for safe sleep and sound minded parents.

Young babies cannot regulate their body temperature very well and are unable to tell you if they are too cold or too hot. The ideal temperature for a baby’s room is between 18-21oC (65-70oF), somewhat cooler than most parents expect.

Here you can find our guide for dressing your baby to sleep, considering the temperature of your baby’s room and the warmth of our swaddles and sleeping bags (approximately 1 Tog). Room temperatures outside the scale identified in this guide require your sensible judgement as a parent.

Overheating is a serious risk factor for SIDS. Make sure to look for signs that your baby may be too hot, such as sweating, damp hair, flushed cheeks, rapid breathing or heat rashes. Do not let baby’s hands and feet guide you, as extremities are often cooler than the rest of your baby’s body. Instead, place two fingers on your baby’s chest, back or neck. If your baby feels too hot, take off a layer and check again in 10 minutes.