Multiple factors influence sleep, and some babies are simply better sleepers than others. Yet, there are three key elements that will improve sleep for most babies (and most parents): Comfort, Containment and Sound Masking.

We focus on comfort and support it with science. Our Sleep Solutions harmoniously combine these elements into a simple but powerful “plug-and-play” system designed to help your baby sleep longer and sounder.

No guesswork. Better sleep guaranteed in just three steps.

How to use our sleep solutions?

Mayubaby Sleep Solutions: The Perfect Pajamas | Swaddle or Sleeping bag | Signature White Noise

What's in the box?

Two Perfect Pajamas

One Swaddle or Sleeping Bag (depending on baby’s age)

One Complimentary Bluetooth Sound Box & Access to Our Signature White Noise Frequency

The Perfect Pajamas

What makes our pajamas perfect?

They are thought through the very last detail by real parents for real babies:

- Made with super soft 100% organic cotton;

- Have no rough tags or elastics;

- Made with minimum seams for added comfort;

- Feature a practical front opening double zipper for easy diaper changes.

- Have specific features adapted to the different stages of the development from birth to 24 months;

- Match perfectly with our swaddles and sleep bags for a comfortable sleeping temperature.

Swaddle or Sleeping Bag

Babies spent 9 months in the closed confinement of the womb. Not being contained is frightening to them.

Swaddling is an age old technique shown give babies the feeling of safety and coziness they experienced in the womb. It prevents the startle reflex that wakes babies up and may reduce the risk of SIDS.

Our swaddles have a ready-made design so you do not have to learn how to swaddle with a blanket. They are snug in the chest and wide in the body to allow for healthy hip development.

After 4-6 months babies should be transitioned from swaddles to sleeping bags, and our swaddles have snap buttons in the arms to facilitate that transition.

Signature White Noise

In the womb babies were exposed to the loud shushing sounds or arteries, the rumbling of the digestive system and the strong rhythmic beat of their mother’s heart.

Silence to young babies must be deafening.

White noise works by buffering outside sounds. Our signature white noise*  frequency was developed together with a sound engineer to recreate the unique soundtrack of the womb.

Click on the image to access our unique white noise signature.

* It is actually not white noise but brown noise. 

Learn more about the different colors of noise